Get down to the nitty gritty of your individual playing!  All levels of players (high school, college and beyond) are represented as the focus is on enhancing the current level of each participant.  The academy is non-competitive!  The daily schedule includes a group warm up, masterclasses by faculty and guests, clinics on various topics by faculty and guests, practice time, private lessons, large ensemble rehearsals that encompass all participants, recitals by faculty and guests, and the opportunity to rehearse with a professional pianist.  The end of the week concludes with a participant recital in which attendees perform their solo pieces with our professional pianist and perform with the Tuba Euphonium Academy large ensemble.  On top of all that - there will be opportunities to get together with others to play chamber music and duets (we'll provide all the music - but feel free to bring something you would like to play!); learn about playing in the low brass section of an orchestra and band; how to become great at auditioning; and valuable information about the music business!  You will come away from this week having improved, feeling better about your playing, feeling better about yourself, armed with tons of information, bouncing off the walls, AND it'll allow you to be able to GEEK OUT over all things tuba and euphonium!!  What's better than THAT?  Certainly NOT oboe camp!

$1496.00 plus application fee - all inclusive!
Apply by March 15th and we'll knock $50.00 off!