•  Music must be postmarked by April 19th or a $25.00 late fee is charged.

•  A physical copy of your music must be provided with your application or by mailing it separately to:

Sanae Kanda, piano dept
25 Herrick St
Beverly, MA 01915

•  DO NOT fold music when sending it to us.

•  Digital copies are not accepted.

•  Please put your name at the top right hand corner of your piano part.

• DO NOT staple your music together.

•  You may send original parts or photocopies, however, you must perform with the original piano score and part when arriving at the camp.  Be sure to bring the original with you.

•  DO NOT tape music together or punch holes in it.  Our pianist will punch holes in photo copies that are provided.

•  When making photo copies, make absolutely sure that no music has been cut off in the copy process.

•  Once you have chosen a piece you may NOT change pieces.  Our pianist(s) have a lot of music to learn in a very short period of time, a change in the piece you will perform wastes the time that they have spent working on the piece you provided and adds more to their plate with a new piece.  The piece that you provide by April 24th is the piece you will perform on the participant's recital at the camp.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Please select your piece carefully. 

•  Clearly mark metronome markings for each section of the piece you provide to us.

•  Pieces may not be longer than 7 minutes.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  You may perform individual movements or make cuts in longer works.

•  All music will be returned at the conclusion of the academy performance.